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Challenges with “Talent”
Abstractness of Talent in Skills Dimension Line functions and business leaders appreciate that ‘Talent’ is the key driver of the company or business. But ‘Talent’ visibility is fuzzy. There is a lack...
Importance and challenges of long tail of skills profile in any organization
Contemporary organizations are far more complex than what they used to be. Businesses require expertise in more than one area and organizations employ people with several different skill profiles. Gone...
Managing Skills Inventory in companies – Challenges and possible solutions
Knowing what skills employees possess and the proficiency levels in them, how they are deployed, what skills are available and what skills are deficient and such are valuable information that immensely...
Understanding Proficiencies in a skills-based organization
The proficiency levels within the role also play an important part in defining our capabilities. For example: Two salespersons, programmers or writers may have different levels of proficiencies, even though...
Skills centered Human Capital Management
An organization’s strength lies in the people that work there and the skills they hold.  Taking a skills-centered approach when managing your workforce will mean you can deploy the right personnel...
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