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skills assessment test
A Guide to Skills Assessment Tests for Employment
Haven’t we all gone through tough examinations or assessments to prove our value as students? Shouldn’t the same be true for new recruits and existing employees?  Absolutely! This is why more organizations...
Skills Ontology vs Taxonomy
Skills Ontology vs Taxonomy: Decoding the Language of Workforce Skills
As organizations become more digital, there’s a growing need to hire new skills or to “upskill” existing skills. In a rapidly changing workforce, organizations can no longer simply hire based on ‘traditional”...
career exploration for students
Empowering Future Careers: The Role of Career Exploration for Students
It’s an exciting time to be a student, isn’t it? Plenty of career options and skill development opportunities. This is probably the best time for a career-focused student to explore new career paths. Having...
Role of HR Management
The Strategic Role of HR Management in Fostering Positive Employee Relations
As we enter 2024, there’s growing talk of the “4-day work week” across many countries. Whether that “dream” is realized or not, today’s reality is that human workers...
Performance Management System
Building a Robust Performance Management System: Key Components and Best Practices
In the world of work, organizations are continually challenged to amp up their performance. Achieving this requires a systematic and strategic approach to managing and optimizing the performance of employees...
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