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Over-complicated or Oversimplified. Getting data on skills “just right” is hard!
Skills data is typically over-complicated – in the form of resumes and job descriptions – or oversimplified – in the form of skills selection interfaces that are too basic. Resumes and job descriptions...
Standardization of Data on Skills in the HR Space
Standards exist across almost every field – communication protocols, engineering, healthcare…the list goes on. Standards help in moving information from one pool of information to another and in creating...
Contribute to improve the world’s first Skills Map
Maps enable us to know where we are, places near and far, how to get there et al. They make the world exciting to experience. Being an HR professional, I wondered why not a map of skills that can similarly...
My understanding of Big Data and what it means for HR
Big Data, as I see it, is understanding one’s preferences in finer detail and then increasing the probability of the choices that fit our preferences to be presented to us. So, there are two things in...
Hiring – wasting time asking and looking for wrong things
Hiring managers today complain about not able to find candidates with the right skills for the job, but are they looking for the right skills? A candidate who has good visualizing and UX skills and has...
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