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Employee Engagement Ideas
Creative Employee Engagement Ideas: A Guide for Managers
Do your employees enthusiastically look forward to coming to work every day? If yes, then great job! You have done an exceptional job of keeping them engaged and committed to your company.  If not,...
Employee Retention Strategies
Top 10 Employee Retention Strategies
How long do your employees remain in your organization? Lately, there has been a buzz around the wave of the “great resignation” across the globe. Many social media users and industry leaders are also...
Organizational Culture
The Top 10 Organizational Culture Examples to Inspire You
Ever wondered what keeps an organization together? It’s the organizational culture or the work culture. In recent years, there’s been plenty of talk about the importance of organizational culture. Here...
Organizational Skills
The Skills-Based Organization: A New Operating Model for Work and the Workforce
Traditional job titles or designations come in all shapes and sizes. However, the question is, are they all relevant to the modern workforce? The harsh truth is, NO! Not all job roles and designations...
Skills Ontology
Why Your Organization Needs a Skills Ontology Framework
Along with the growing talent shortage, organizations are also grappling with the problem of the “skills gap” – or the mismatch between the individual’s skills and the skills required to perform a job...
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